Red Tide Playlist is live

Made the playlist for Red Tide: Dangerous Waters. Here, you can see the chapter names (subject to change) and hear the songs that will give readers insight to Maura’s thoughts, feelings and experiences in the new book.
Please, let me know any thoughts or predictions below! And let me know what you think of the songs 😉
Only two chapters to go!

Last day of Smashwords Sale!

Last day of sale!
All of my books are either free or 50% off during the sale at Smashwords
The entire Maura DeLuca Trilogy is only $3.12. Half off!
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Claudette Melanson

All About the Indies 2017

Check out my new page on my site highlighting the All about the Indies 2017 Signing Conference. There are pictures of the event, links to reviews of the hotels and even a few of my sightseeing excursion around D.C. I included links to videos of the live event, and afterparty game and my Q&A on the editing panel. Please go check it out! 🙂