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I read a post on Fictionophile’s blog yesterday and thought it would be interesting to do one of my own. So here goes:

CookieA = Authors -without who there would be no books for me to read! Art – I love painting and drawing.

B = Brian -my much loved and missed other half; Books -obviously; Blogging; Bowie.

C = Cats; Cookie – my cat; Crafting; Creativity; Carnations; Chocolate; Cakes; Cheese.

D = Dreydon -my grandson; Dragons; Dahlias; Dreamcatchers; Drawing.

DragonE = Ebooks -save space.

F = Family; Friends; Fantasy; Flowers.

G = Grandchildren.

I = Ice-cream; Imagination.

H = Horror -books and films.

J = Juice -orange, apple & pineapple.

DreamcatcherK = Kindle; Knitting.

L = Lists -I make lists of everything.

M = Music; Macrame.

N = Neatness -I’m not always neat and tidy, but I try.

O = Organising; Ornaments -mainly cats and dragons.

P =…

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