That Night

Belle of the Library

Image result for that night by amy gilesFirst Lines:It’s funny, in a tragically not-really-that-funny kind of way, what I do remember of that night.  Like how warm it was for March and Ethan wouldn’t shut up about how that was because of global warming.  How the last of those dingy gray mountains of snow piled up in the corners of the parking lots had finally melted, leaving behind puddles as the only evidence of their once-towering existence.  How Marissa was wearing Ethan’s hoodie because she said she was cold, even though it was warm, and how I realized with the passing of that sweatshirt that my brother and my best friend liked each other.

For some reason, this caught my eye at the library.  And even though it’s another incredibly dark topic, I kind of really wanted to read it.  (Someone really needs to start acting as my conscience when I go to the library.  Jiminy…

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The A-Z of Me

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I read a post on Fictionophile’s blog yesterday and thought it would be interesting to do one of my own. So here goes:

CookieA = Authors -without who there would be no books for me to read! Art – I love painting and drawing.

B = Brian -my much loved and missed other half; Books -obviously; Blogging; Bowie.

C = Cats; Cookie – my cat; Crafting; Creativity; Carnations; Chocolate; Cakes; Cheese.

D = Dreydon -my grandson; Dragons; Dahlias; Dreamcatchers; Drawing.

DragonE = Ebooks -save space.

F = Family; Friends; Fantasy; Flowers.

G = Grandchildren.

I = Ice-cream; Imagination.

H = Horror -books and films.

J = Juice -orange, apple & pineapple.

DreamcatcherK = Kindle; Knitting.

L = Lists -I make lists of everything.

M = Music; Macrame.

N = Neatness -I’m not always neat and tidy, but I try.

O = Organising; Ornaments -mainly cats and dragons.

P =…

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Red Tide Playlist is live

Made the playlist for Red Tide: Dangerous Waters. Here, you can see the chapter names (subject to change) and hear the songs that will give readers insight to Maura’s thoughts, feelings and experiences in the new book.
Please, let me know any thoughts or predictions below! And let me know what you think of the songs 😉
Only two chapters to go!