Halloween Month – Riptide:Betrayal of Blood By Claudette Melanson


Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today I have Riptide:Betrayal of Blood, from the Maura DeLuca trilogy, by author Claudette Melanson.


Description1Praise for Riptide:
“I will scream it from the rooftops how much I love this series.”
“I can only say that Riptide is one of the best modern vampire stories I have ever read, and I read them all from Stephen King to Ann Rice to Stephenie Meyer.”
“Riptide was action packed and the fight scenes were well written but more than that it was the story of family and love, of taking responsibility, and dealing with hate when all sane avenues fail.”
“The lore is superb, as is the writing. I can’t wait to catch up with Maura again!”

The 3rd book in the 1st of several trilogies featuring Maura & her family!

2017 New Apple Solo Medalist for Summer eBook – Young Adult General Fiction
Maura has never felt so alone…

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Five literary Halloween costumes to get your party conversations going!


Book Club Mom

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Does your workplace encourage costumes? Halloween is just a few days away and if you’re still looking for costume ideas for work or play, consider these literary ones:

Image: Wikipedia

Ernest Hemingway

Since bushy beards are the rage right now, guys with facial hair, grab a big turtleneck and you’re almost there! A large personality and fishing pole as a prop would finish the look!

Image: nymag.com

Ayn Rand

Even if you haven’t read The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged, you can always look like this controversial literary figure. Grab a Shriner’s hat, cover it in black, find a long cigarette holder and comb your hair to the side. No makeup required.

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

Although Truman Capote wanted Marilyn Monroe, not Audrey Hepburn, to play Holly in the movie, Hepburn made that movie memorable. Pull out your…

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2018 Reading Guide to the Halloween Season | Book Recommendations


Falling Down the Book Hole

The fall and Halloween are my absolute favorite! When it comes to reading, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it in the month of October. (In my opinion) The fall season has a certain atmosphere and I believe the month of October does as well. The month of October needs to be filled with spooky, creepy, thrillers with paranormal and the unusual. As I was developing my reading list for October I thought I would give some recommendations to others with those books I think are perfect for the month of October.

Ó  Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Although not spooky or creepy, Bitten is filled with Werewolves!

Ó  Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

Definitely some Pretty Little Liar vibes filled with lies and deceit.

Ó  Seventh Born by Monica SanzFor me it was pulling inspirations from Harry Potter and Vampire Academy…

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Rising Tide: Dark Innocence


Book Review Virginia Lee Blog

Rising Tide: Dark Innocence
The Maura DeLuca Trilogy Book 1
by Claudette Melanson
Genre: YA Paranormal

Rising Tide will sink its fangs into you, keeping you awake into the wee

hours of the night

Could Maura’s life get any worse? …turns out it most certainly can.

Isolated and sheltered by her lonely mother, Maura’s never been able to make

friends. She seems to drive her classmates away—except for the odd

times they pay enough attention to torture her—but she doesn’t

understand why. Maura considers herself to be a freak of nature, with

her unusually pale skin and an aversion to the sun that renders her

violently nauseous. Her belief is only worsened by the fact that

almost everyone around her keeps their distance.

Even her own father deserted her before she was born, leaving Maura alone

with her emotionally distant mother, Caelyn. Even though Maura is

desperate for answers about…

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