Why I Still Read YA at 27


Belle of the Library

In honor of YA Week on Goodreads, I decided to really think about why I still read YA.  Every time I walk into a library or a bookstore, I inevitably end up in the YA section at some point.  It’s my home.  I probably know the section better than those who work there at this point.  But when I make it to the register/checkout desk, I start to feel like I’m being judged.  I mean, I seriously don’t even look like I’m older than like, 22 at best (I get confused with my 8th grade, 13-14 year old students all the time), but there’s a little embarrassment I feel each time someone inspects my choices of reading material.

But why should I be embarrassed?  Truly, what is there to be ashamed of?

When I first started getting into reading (7th/8th grade), I wasn’t reading YA.  I was reading Agatha Christie…

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The 12 Terrors of Christmas – Book Tour and Giveaway

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The 12 Terrors of Christmas
by Claudette Melanson
Genre: Horror Short Stories
Award-winning author Claudette Melanson offers eleven new and original stories to
make your skin crawl at any time of the year. This horror anthology
also includes an original short by Amazon International Best-Selling
Author, Lynn Lamb, titled “Bring Me Flesh and Bring Me Wine.”
A special bonus story is also included by Melanson, “Mislead,”
previously published only on the Halloweenpalooza blog. Grab a cup of
cocoa and make sure the windows and doors are locked tight as you
settle in by the fire to enjoy these tales of terror, but be
warned…locks have never succeeded at keeping Santa from gaining
entry. If you enjoy a slice of horror with your holiday cheer, this
collection of Christmas horror shorts will satisfy all your dark
cravings during the holidays…and beyond.
Terror One: 
Who is Santa really? Does something sinister lurk beneath the red suit

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