Ramble #34: Airport Bookstores


Books and Messy Buns

If I did a bookhaul this month… actually… if I did a bookhaul these last 2 months I would be telling you how I got all my books at an airport bookstore. Frankfurt airport’s coolest bookstore (yes, there are several) to be exact.

The first time I was on my way to Tallinn and had a 5 hour layover there. I wandered through the airport, entered a few bookstores (most of them with big German sections) and eventually got to one which was half an English section half a German section. “Well, this is new!” I thought. Here in Portugal I also only have one-shelf-English-section bookstores! So, of course, I spent the next hour and a half within those four walls…

You cannot imagine my happiness when I came face to face with books such as “It Ends With Us” and “Honey and Milk”. I just grabbed them all! By…

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