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Okay awesome peeps! I need your help once more. All of you helped me win the weekly cover contest for InD’Tale Magazine’s Creme de la Cover contest. If you love Riptide’s cover PLEASE vote for me as it is now the monthly final contest. You could help me win a full page ad in the magazine… And have my eternal gratitude lol! Thank you!!!

Troubleshooting Your Novel… by Steven James


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I own a number of writing reference books. A ridiculously, too-large (457) number if I were being honest. I suppose you could say I collect them as others might collect tiny spoons emblazoned with artwork of their corresponding state or coasters from their favorite bars.

I haven’t read each one in its entirety, although I have reads parts of each of them. I use them for exactly what the genre suggests: reference. Sometimes I turn to them for an answer to a question I am grappling with. Other times, I skim through and read particular sections that seem to jump-start my mind when it has stalled. But every once in a slim while, I read one because it is just THAT informative (and useful). I recently purchased one such book. This is going to sound more like a plug for the book rather than a review, but it is just that good.


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Thank you!

HUGE thanks to everyone who voted for Riptide in InD’Tale Magazine’s Creme de la Cover contest last week!
You made the win happen.
At the end of the month, It will compete for the monthly title and I’ll have a chance to win a full page ad in the magazine! (You all helped me win a 1/4 page this go around). So I’ll be calling on you all again. Thanks again so much!! And be sure to cast your vote for this week’s covers.

Break the Internet!

A bunch of authors are banding together to get more support for our books. It’s called Break the Internet and last year it trended on Twitter! Please support my Thunderclap https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/46575-break-the-internet-w-books
If you’d like to participate, this is the link to the group where you can join in and make your own 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/events/654090291423881/
Thank you!!!