The Boy (2016)


emmakwall (explains it all)

The Boy – horror film review


Follow his rules….

I recently bought The Boy on Blu ray, as a bit of a treat and you know, I don’t have many Blu rays. And obviously it was pay day. I wasn’t expecting deep scares but I thought the premise was pretty cool. An American nanny (Maggie from The Walking Dead – AKA Lauren Cohan) takes up a position in the scary British countryside (isolated ivy covered manor with creepy statues alert!) and gets more than she bargained for, finding out the child in her care is actually a doll named Brahms.

And Brahms has rules. And a silly name.

Actually I didn’t find Brahms very scary. There I said it. The way he’s constantly staring through doorways becomes quite amusing and I must admit I found him a little bit cute. Part of the story involves his agitated and highly disturbed parents (what else can I call…

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