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Broken Dreams

Take a bite of Broken Dreams by Rissa Blakeley. Start the #ShatteredLives series today for only 99cents.
The screaming was turning panicky, and I could hear people scrambling. I burst through the door and all I saw was our family and friends running around like maniacs. I was looking for Henry when I locked eyes with my Maid of Honor/best friend, Claire James, who was running toward the corridor where my father and I were waiting.

She was beautiful in her Tiffany blue dress. It looked stunning against her pale skin and ginger hair. The bridesmaid’s dress color was my choice. Only after hours of pissing and moaning did my mother finally relent to the blue. Claire was barreling toward me. “Oh, my god, Elaina! Oh, my god!” She grabbed me and started sobbing.

“I’m going to go find your mother.” My dad ran his hand over my…

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Everybody Matters.



Lately, my FB has been filled with everything involving politics – from Trump’s ex wife saying that she felt violated by him when they were married, to Hilary Clinton having uncontrolled seizures, and weird ticks with her facial expressions because of a car accident she was involved in a few years back.

I never comment on these things, because you know why? You get absolutely flamed with the threats that you need to change your mind, or that you’ll ‘die’, and all I’m thinking is….

Why does this matter, exactly?

You’re allowed to have your own opinions, there is the power of free speech under the first amendment, and IF you don’t like what someone says, YOU can control what you type, and stay silent.

Like what my mother told me when I was younger: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

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The Boy (2016)


emmakwall (explains it all)

The Boy – horror film review


Follow his rules….

I recently bought The Boy on Blu ray, as a bit of a treat and you know, I don’t have many Blu rays. And obviously it was pay day. I wasn’t expecting deep scares but I thought the premise was pretty cool. An American nanny (Maggie from The Walking Dead – AKA Lauren Cohan) takes up a position in the scary British countryside (isolated ivy covered manor with creepy statues alert!) and gets more than she bargained for, finding out the child in her care is actually a doll named Brahms.

And Brahms has rules. And a silly name.

Actually I didn’t find Brahms very scary. There I said it. The way he’s constantly staring through doorways becomes quite amusing and I must admit I found him a little bit cute. Part of the story involves his agitated and highly disturbed parents (what else can I call…

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