Summer Reading Challenge – The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson


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A Book in a Genre You Typically Don’t Read

The Ghost Map

The Ghost Map
Steven Johnson

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I chose this book to fit my summer challenge to read from a genre I don’t typically visit.  The book was required summer reading for my son last year as he prepared for his freshman year of college.

In the summer of 1854, in the Soho neighborhood of London, a baby girl became sick.  Her mother took care of her as well as she could, soaked her diapers in a tub and dumped the water in their front-yard cesspool.  A short distance away, neighbors pumped their drinking water from the Broad Street pump, known throughout town for supplying the best and cleanest well water.  On hot summer days, people from other neighborhoods went out of their way to get the cool, refreshing water from Broad Street.

Sadly, the baby girl died and within days…

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