Here is my interview with Connie Cockrell



Name: Connie Cockrell

Age: 60

Where are you from: Originally from Gloversville, N.Y. just outside the Adirondacks of central N.Y. It’s a small town, really, and a wonderful place to grow up.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc : I’m the oldest of 6 children from a working class family. I decided when I was 9 that I was going to move away from home, go to college and have a wonderful, high paying career. Well, I did leave home at 18 but to join the US. Air Force. After that I did, after many years of part time classes, marrying, having a child, get my bachelor’s degree in business. After that, a Master’s in Information Systems Management just as I retired from the Air Force. After that was a 7 year stint in private industry then I “retired” at 48 to life…

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