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Ch'kara SilverWolf

There’s one born every minute

bywillmacmillanjoneson April 13, 2016

How true is that? Well, if we are to believe Amazon et al, it’s probably at lot more than one book born every minute. Of course a book. What else would I be talking about? Well yes, all right, babies and fools and I have some experience of both. Well, who hasn’t? Fortunately, babies play a small part in my life now. Either I can hand them back after a cursory glance (or sniff) or else they belong to friends, and so can be admired from a safe distance.

Sorry, seem to have got sidetracked again. That’s quite a common fault of mine, one that’s nearly as common as the over use of the humble comma when I’m writing. In fact, according to my editor, the comma key may be the single most used key on my keyboard.  I thought…

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