Riptide Teaser

#amwriting Riptide… Fear for Maura…

#asmsg #iartg

I registered the fact that at least three ribs cracked like twigs and the soft, tender parts inside of me radiated so much pain; I found it nearly impossible to draw breath. The little air I could gather was spent shrieking out the sounds of agony I was sure would be my last. An earth-shattering pounding resounded from the wood which made up the door to the room. Light washed over me and my merciless opponent when Aoife lifted the entire bed—mattress, comforter and all—as if it were constructed of matchsticks and tossed it so far across the room, it shattered the window. Her cry was the most feral I’d ever heard.

Woman with bruises in face crying on street at night

Sad woman crying after violence


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