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Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere – Beltane in Northern Hemisphere


Ch'kara SilverWolf

Many blessings for Samhain to all those here in the Southern Hemisphere.


Posted on October 31, 2014 by ladyoftheabyss

How To Celebrate the God & Goddess at Samhain

In some Wiccan traditions, by Samhain, the Goddess has entered her incarnation of Crone. She is the Old One, the earth mother, the wise one we turn to when we need advice. She teaches us that sometimes we must let go in order to move on. The God, at Samhain, is the Horned One, the stag of great antlers, the god of the wild hunt. He is the animal that dies so that we may eat, and the grains and corn that once lived in the field before our harvest. We can honor these late-fall aspects of both the Goddess and the God in one ritual.

Begin by casting a circle, if your tradition requires it. Prior to starting the ceremony, place…

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