Practicing the very healthy decision to

Practicing the very healthy decision to make Sunday my writing day. #amwriting Riptide

Val retreated further, and Tik shook his head as if to clear it. “Maura, wow, I’m sorry. It’s just,” he pointed at Val, “he can be so, so…”
“Believe me I know.” I glowered at the vampire, who was occupied with shrinking back into the close shadow. He shrugged and held his hands up in a gesture of helplessness.
Tik put his hand out to me, and I accepted it, feeling the chill in his skin through the thickness of the red wool. “I’m Tik, short for Tikaani. I’m…his babysitter.” He hitched his thumb toward Val and laughed, his almond-shaped eyes crinkling at the corners. Val crossed his arms in front of him with an angry huff of breath. Seeing as how he’d been keeping some secret of great import from me, I laughed as well, causing his silvery-grey eyes to spark maliciously, but he did possess the good sense to keep his mouth shut.
“Well, he definitely needs one,” I seethed in Val’s direction.