On the first few days of Xmas


emmakwall (explains it all)

On the first day of Christmas

My boyfriend’s mum proved you can never be too old for an advent calendar by buying these for us.


Interesting both films featured in my ’10 Films I Haven’t Seen’ post (here) last week, but that doesn’t detract at all from these being pretty much the coolest advent calendars I’ve ever seen. Or maybe this is fate’s way of intervening? A gentle shove towards watching them perhaps. In any case, I love them!

On the second day of Christmas

I bought this bloody marvellous T-shirt. You know how sometimes you don’t even bother looking at the price tag? You see something and just think – I NEED THAT. Well this was one of those moments. And it was only £8 anyway, I was in Asda – which explains my cavalier attitude to the price in the first place. Come on though, how cool?!

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