Review: The Screaming by David Graham


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23635146Book Rate: ★★★☆☆ (3/5)


Go read the synopsis and then come back.

Ok, so what did you think? You’re expecting a scary thriller that will keep you awake at night until you finish this book and grab a romantic and cute contemporary to get it out of your mind, right? At least that’s what I thought when I read The Screaming‘s synopsis. And that’s what disappointed me mostly about this book.

David Graham’s characters are nice, so is his writting, the cover is appealing and the storyline is very different and starts off really well! We have this really scary first scene that got me super excited about this so-called thriller. But really The Screaming‘s plot just develops to become more of a policial book rather than a thriller… It’s not a bad, it just really disappoint whoever starts it expecting a good scary reading.

But moving on…

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