Netflix: What’s Hot for Halloween?


emmakwall (explains it all)

I’ve been through the Netflix horror section and Halloween ‘specials’ to dig out what I think are the best scary movies available on there. Okay maybe “best” is the wrong word. Horror movies are a unique genre, they don’t always have to be outstanding, to be, outstanding. So I’ve picked a bunch of movies I like for one reason or another.

This refers to Netflix UK but I’m assuming (and hoping) that a lot of the big name movies will be the same across the ponds. Also last Halloween (here) I posted a picture of me looking all scary. And no it wasn’t first thing in the morning before I’d done my makeup. Here’s another one anyway, maybe we could start an October tradition?

emmaHappy Halloween!

So Netflix doesn’t have the greatest selection of movies (in my opinion – and everyone else’s) but I’ve dug out a few…

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