Review: The Visitor by J. L. Pattison


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Book Rate: ★★★★☆ (4/5)


I have a big thing for characters. They are probably one of the most important aspects of a book to me, I need to know them and feel like they’re real in order to truly appreciate a book.

Not in The Visitor though. We barely get to really know Leroy, Theo and Quade but that doesn’t matter at all. The strong point of J. L. Pattison’s short story resides in its plot.

The Visitor won’t bring you a new story like we are used to read. It will mostly tell you historical events you already know of pretty damn well. But they will be presented intricated with a sotryline that will make you think twice about the world you are currently living in.

My reading experience resulted more in a reflective post-reading state of mind than a fangirling reaction while reading the book (also probably because…

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