Re-writing re-writing re-writing 😲🔫


Susanne Valenti

So this is a little piece that expresses my thoughts on that magical time in an author’s work; the re-write.

So you think the draft is finished? You think it’s pretty much done? You think you’ll give it a read again… And hope it’s just the one….

Everything is going well, it’s something from a dream but something awful catches your eye – you can’t believe what you’ve just seen…

Okay so now you go again, the punctuation’s fine. It must be perfect by now right? It must be there this time…

So finally you’re sure that there are no more misused words. You give the thing a read again but something else occurs…

A plot hole? How can that be, you thought you had it sussed! So you work again to fix it all and finally you trust…

You sit and stare and think a while, can this…

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