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I’m always thrilled when I have the opportunity to welcome back an author I’ve spoken with in the past and that usually happens when they have a new release, a tribute to their diligence and hard work. Today, I welcome back Paul H. Landes. I spoke with Paul three years ago, after his debut novel Wings to Redemption came out.

IDI –  Paul, it’s great to talk with you again.

Your books have a lot of technical descriptions when talking about a genetically engineered virus, computer hacking and even, in Convergent 9.0, the ancient samurai customs in Japan. Do you do a lot of research?

Convergent 9.0 Convergent 9.0

PHL –  Oh, yes, and it’s endless. My scientific aptitude is zip, nada. Fortunately, I live in a college town where the number of PhD’s rival any town in the country. Dr. Murray Gardner is a professor emeritus at our…

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