The Blackwell Family Secret ~ by Jonathan Ferrara – 3.0 Stars


By Hook Or By Book

9781940076195_p0_v1_s300x This ebook was provided to me by NetGalley and Dragonwell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Nicholas Blackwell was only 7 years old when his life was destroyed as he watched his doting parents murdered in front of him on Christmas Eve. Whisked away by the Vatican and deposited in a reclusive boarding school called St. Christopher’s, he’s been a virtual prisoner for the last 9 years because the villains who killed his mother and father are also after him. Lured by a giant serpent into eating a certain forbidden fruit, Nicholas unwittingly unleashes the Seven Guardians of Sin. Aided only by a demon, and Amy, the new girl at school, Nicholas must traverse the treacherous City of Demons and defeat each Guardian. He will also learn of the secret everyone’s been keeping from him and face an enemy more powerful than he could ever imagine. 

When I…

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